Welcome to the new website for North Texas Exploration and Production Safety Network (NTEPS)! We hope you will join us at our next meeting. Meetings are held on the third Friday of each month from 9 AM to 11 AM. Meetings are held at the UTA Division for Enterprise Development Center, 140 West Mitchell Street, Arlington, TX 76109, Room: E200F/G.

This Month's Meeting October 19, 2018
Guest Speaker 1: Ron Byrd CSP, LCR, FSR, Director of Risk Control with Towerstone Wholesale Insurance. Mr. Byrd will be presenting "At What Level," driving issues in the Oil & Gas Industry. 
**Charter Officer Nominations 
Guest Speaker 2: Arlene Lamont or Gary Files, OSHA Update.

Upcoming Meeting November 16, 2018
Guest Speaker: Deren Boyd, Operations Officer with Hazard Scout. 
**Charter Officer Election 
Guest Speaker 2: Arlene Lamont or Gary Files, OSHA Update.

No Meeting In December


Permian Basin International Oil Show October 16-18, 2018, Ector County Colliseum - 4201 Andrews Hwy., Odessa, TX

Our own NTEPS member, Ken Rogus has provided us an RSVP free event if you are in the Midland-Odessa area. RSVP https://kongcountry2018.eventbrite.com


Come celebrate the relaunch of the KONG line as we continue to drive innovation and hand safety throughout the Oil & Gas community.

Join us for:

  • Free BBQ (while it lasts!
  • Free Product Giveaways
  • Live Entertainment
  • Gift Bags for the first 200 guests in the door

Featuring a special performance from Texas's own country music phenom Bri Bagwell!

Space is limited, so RSVP now!

**Don't forget to visit us at the PBIOS show, booth D38** *Please use the Garden City Hwy enterance (with the Ironclad Banners)*

DATE AND TIME: Tue, October 16, 2018, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM CDT

LOCATION: KD's Bar-B-Q, 3109 Garden City Highway, Midland, TX 79701

Hot Topics


Multi-Gas Monitors for Oil and Gas Industry: Understanding the Proper Use and Monitor Capabilities

An H2S monitor is likely not enough...Multi-gas monitors can protect workers from unseen workplace hazards, such as toxic, flammable, and oxygen deficient atmospheres. By alarming in the presence of harmful atmospheres, a properly calibrated multi-gas monitor can alert the worker to unsafe conditions.

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Health and Safety Risks for Workers Involved in Manual Tank Gauging and Sampling at Oil and Gas Extraction Sites

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have identified health and safety risks to workers who manually gauge

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Fatalities Associated with Hot Work on Oilfield Tanks, Tankers, and other related equipment

Between 2005 and 2015 "85" DEATHS due to fires or explosions, Including 28 hot work deaths

Produced fluids, such as crude oil, flowback water, and produced water are brought to the surface, along with hydrocarbon vapors and gases during production operations.

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Prevention of Fatalities from Ignition of Vapors by Mobile Engines and Auxiliary Motors

Between 2005 and 2015 "85" DEATHS due to fires or explosions, Including 27 mobile engines/motors deaths

Vehicles and motorized equipment present an ignition hazard if located too close to the wellbore or other potential flammable vapor sources (e.g., flowback tanks, frac tanks, production tanks).

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As part of our effort to keep you informed of new OSHA resources, we wanted to let you know about the release of the OSHA-NIOSH Heat Safety Tool. The new app, available for both Android and iPhone, is a collaborative effort between OSHA and NIOSH to update the OSHA Heat Safety Tool. Since its launch in 2011, more than 450,000 users have downloaded the OSHA Heat Safety Tool.

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Safe + Sound 2018

Safe + Sound Week - August 13-19, 2018

Last year, Safe + Sound Week was a success by all measures. Hundreds of businesses across the country participated to showcase elements of their safety and health programs during the week, or took a step in the right direction by starting to build their safety and health program. We are pleased to announce that this year Safe + Sound Week will take place August 13-19. Leading up to Safe + Sound Week, there will be opportunities to learn more about safety and health programs and get exclusive content from Safe + Sound Organizers.

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This report describes fatal incidents identified by the NIOSH Fatalities in Oil and Gas Extraction (FOG) database that occurred in 2014. The purpose of FOG is to collect detailed information about worker fatalities related to U.S. oil and gas extraction.

This report provides updates to fatalities published in the Oil and Gas Extraction Worker Fatalities, 2014 Mid-year Report: January 1, 2014–June 30, 2014, and also includes fatalities from the second half of the year.

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NIOSH releases official new video: Protecting Oil and Gas Workers from Hydrocarbon Gases and Vapors. https://go.usa.gov/xRwdE

This 13-minute video was developed in partnership with the California Department of Public Health-Occupational Health Branch (CDPH-OHB); special thanks goes to Bob Harrison and Laura Styles for their vital contributions.

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What is QuickTakes?

Clear * Concise * Informative

Free OSHA e-newsletter delivered twice monthly to more than 200,000 subscribers
Receive latest news about OSHA initiatives and products to assist employers and workers in finding and preventing workplace hazards
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New resources available to help protect oilfield workers. https://www.osha.gov/SLTC/etools/oilandgas/index.html

A new training module and hazard alert on protecting workers in the oil and gas industry are now available from OSHA. Both resources were developed through OSHA's alliance with the National Service, Transmission, Exploration and Production Safety Network and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health.

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Article I - Name and Sponsorship

The name of the organization shall be the North Texas Exploration and Production Safety Network, commonly known as the NTEPS Network, and as set forth in the NTEPS Network Charter.

Article II – Membership

  • Membership is open to those engaged in or supporting the Oil and Gas Exploration, Production or Transmission Industry. The NTEPS Network shall set no limit on the number of individuals that may become members, attend meetings, or participate in activities.
  • Active Members: An active member is one who qualifies under the membership clause and supports the NTEPS Network through active participation and attendance.
  • Advising Member - An advising member is an employee of a governmental and/or regulatory organization that interacts with the Oil and Gas Exploration, Production, and Transmission Industry. Advising members have neither voting nor elective office privileges.
  • Membership Status – The Executive Committee shall review membership status.

Article III - Organization

  • The Officers of the NTEPS Network will include as minimum, a President, Vice President, and Secretary who shall be elected for a one-year term on a calendar year basis by a majority vote of members and shall serve without compensation.
  • Election of officers will be held at least 60 days before the beginning of the calendar year. The election may be conducted at a regularly scheduled meeting or by letter ballot.
  • The Executive Committee shall consist of nine persons as follows: The President, Vice-President, Immediate Past President, Secretary, and five Active Members. Until the Past-President position is filled, an additional Active Member shall be elected to the Executive Committee.
  • Individuals shall not serve in the same position for more than three consecutive terms.
  • The President-elect shall attend Executive Committee meetings until assuming office.

Article IV – Meetings

  • Meetings are to be conducted in accordance with Robert's Rules of Order Revised.
  • General membership meetings are to be held regularly.
  • Meetings may include a round table discussion, guest speaker presentation(s), reports of the Executive Committee business meetings, and from other committees as appropriate.

Article V - Duties of the NTEPS Network Officers
The President shall:

  • Preside at regular and special NTEPS Network meetings.
  • Call and lead meetings of the Executive Committee.
  • Provide leadership for programs and activities during his/her term of office.
  • Ensure representation of the NTEPS Network at meetings of other organizations as appropriate.
  • Establish communication with others who have an interest in Safety, Health and Environment.
  • Chair the Election Committee for the next year.

The Vice-President shall:

  • Assume and carry out the duties of the President if the President is unable to serve.
  • Assume duties as assigned by the President.
  • Maintain all past records and files of the NTEPS Network in an organized manner.

The Secretary shall:

  • Record minutes of the NTEPS Network and Executive Committee meetings and arrange for duplication and distribution to members.
  • Maintain NTEPS Network membership and participation records.
  • Prepare and distribute notices of regular and special meetings of the NTEPS Network and Executive Committee to members.
  • Prepare NTEPS Network correspondence with the exception of correspondence to acquire speakers.
  • Prepare meeting agendas with the assistance of the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee shall:

  • Meet at least 45 days before the beginning of each calendar year to plan the NTEPS Network program. This will include the establishment of necessary sub-committees, types of programs and places of meetings.
  • Review subjects for discussion at regular meetings including suggested guest speakers.
  • Meet periodically to ensure that the meetings and other activities of the NTEPS Network are being conducted as outlined in the planned schedule.
  • Appoint sub-committees for specified purposes as warranted throughout the year.
  • Appoint Active Members to fill vacancies on the Executive Committee until the next scheduled election.

The Election Committee shall:

  • Be chaired by the President.
  • Consist of at least two active members appointed by the President.
  • Provide an opportunity for all Active Members to make nominations.
  • Report to the Secretary, in writing, accepted nominations.
  • Create, and distribute a ballot to active members to allow for a vote.
  • Make provision for write-in names on the ballot.
  • Count votes and announce election results at the next regular meeting.

Article V - Procedures:
Robert's Rules of Order Revised is the parliamentary authority in all matters of procedure not specifically covered in the Bylaws.

Article VI – Amendments to Bylaws
Proposed amendments to these bylaws shall be submitted to the President in writing and reviewed by the Executive Committee before consideration by the general membership. Prior to becoming effective, amendments shall be approved by a majority vote of active members.

Drafted: 12 December 2008 by Ad-Hoc Committee
Adopted: Febuary 26, 2009 by majority at the regular meeting

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